The Popie’s Hotter’n Hell recipe was passed down the Cashio family tree for more than 90 years it launched commercially, to great acclaim, in 1992. The sauce, endeared by the lumberjacks of the former French-owned Louisiana Territory, was introduced to the public as Popie’s Hotter’n Hell Sauce and sold in major retailers like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club nationwide.

Popie’s Hot Sauce, rich in history and flavor, was technically created before Tabasco brand sauce. Popie’s has become a part of culinary history and is included in the books “The Hot Sauce Bible” and “The History of U.S. Commercial Hot Sauces”. During its original market run in the early ‘90s, it outsold even ketchup 5 to 1 in the Southeast region.

Popie’s unique heritage and flavor gives it a character unlike any other hot sauce.  It’s more than a hot sauce.  It’s a flavor enhancement with a delicate and carefully crafted blend of all natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives.

Currently original Popie’s Hotter’n Hell Sauce is available at a growing number of retailers throughout the Southeast, from Louisiana to Florida.

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